Most of our products are in house designs and all are made in the USA. We began our transition to specialized Strength and Fitness Equipment from medical and security equipment over 15 years ago.

The first free weight product was the Patented Safety Squat Bar whose design we improved and for which we implemented new manufacturing techniques. This allows us to offer you the Safety Power Squat Bar in a more cost effective and timely delivery than our competitors even though our designs are similar. Because of improved manufacturing methods, we feature the 1500 Lb. Olympic model as our leading seller as opposed to their 700 Lb. model. Ask us about our unconditional warranty and terms.

Over 40 dealers provide our product line. We do not restrict dealer participation. However, you may also purchase directly from us. We accept International Orders both wholesale and retail.

We expanded our product line due to our success and requisitions from Powerlifters, Olympic Athletes, Professional Football Teams, Strength Coaches and many individuals who have special training needs. Free Weight Systems with SAFETY is our design must. A Power Rack becomes a multi purpose station with our specialized bars. This approach will save floor space and money. Quick team processing will be a bonus.

Products are targeted in and around the power rack. This allows serious athletes and persons with back, shoulder and knee problems to safely train alone without spotters. Nonetheless, we always recommend at least one training buddy... besides, it’s more fun that way.

We will consider custom designs for our clients, especially in the Sumo Power Rack configurations. We do limit ourselves to High Capacity Equipment structured for loads 1000 Lb. to 1500 Lb. and up. We are happy to discuss your needs and make recommendations as required even if we are not the providers of your needed weight lifting equipment.

Please send us your pictures using our equipment. Also give us your strength training and lifting tips. If possible will will use them and promote you or your favorite events.

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