Safety Squat Bar (shown with optional Double Rack Handle Set)

Champion proven and recognized internationally by Powerlifters, Olympic Teams, Football Teams, Soccer Teams, Police and Security Forces, and all serious Athletes as the ultimate Strength Training Weapon to gain explosive strength.

Favored by Colleges and High Schools as the most cost effective means to outfit your weight room. Combined with the Sumo Power Rack and other Specialized Bars you have an unbeatable combination.



Sumo Rack (Shown with Full Beam Safety Power Hooks)

Different from the “Monolift” in that you may train alone with the Safety Power Hooks. They retract automatically. A training partner is always recommended. Now you don’t need to step back after raising a weight lifting bar out of the hooks.

Not stepping back reduces the stress and injury potential to your vertebrae. This is especially useful when doing ballistic speed training with the aid of bands and also progressive chain training.

Full Beam Safety Power Hooks

May be ordered for your rack. Custom fitted to your tubing or channel size. Works with existing J-Hooks Other Models are available.

Sumo Rack Full Beam Safety Power Hooks

  • Allows an extra wide stance
  • Perfected for use with bands or chains
  • Stable Over square Base may be bolted down
  • Micro 1/2” Incremental adjustment
  • Custom sizing available

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