Full Beam Safety Power Hook 1500 lb.

  • Custom made for your rack
  • Keep from stepping back and avoid wrenching you back under heavy loads
  • Perfect positioning for lifts and presses
  • Avoids fore and aft pull by bands and swaying chains
  • Automatic spoterless release. Adjustable return position
  • Spotter assisted return. Greater range than single (mono lift) cylinder lifts
  • Quick disassembly or lift out of the way for multi purpose use of your power rack
  • May be purchased with our Sumo Racks or as a free standing squat stand
    Full Beam Safety Power Hook with Hydraulic Cylinders
    Starts @ $ 1,185.00
    Full Beam Safety Power Hook bolt on model
    Starts @ $ 720.00



Standard Safety Power Hooks 1500 lb.

Poor man’s “mono” lift.

  • Easily portable
  • May be customized to fit several sizes of racks
  • Does not require spotters
  • Short throw allows for easy bar return
  • .5” incremental adjustment on racks with 2” hole spacing
  • LH and RH may be switched for slight hand clearance improvement
Safety Power Hook
Starts @ $ 465.00

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