Safety Squat Bar (shown with double rack handle set)
  • Lift 50 - 250 lb. more on your first squat
  • Centered weight load keeps you from excessive forward lean
  • Dynamic action keeps the bar on your back
  • Hands are free and shoulders are spared from pain
  • Reduced forward lean reduces stress on your back
  • Easy to control you squat and stance
  • No back stress, shoulder or knee pain
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1500 lb. model
$ 368.00
Double handle set (option)
$ 32.00




Combo Bar

  • Don’t get trapped
  • Unlock your strength potential
  • More than a deadlift bar and shrug bar
  • Full width to safely fit in a rack
  • Ideal for band and chain work
  • Perfect for intense partials
  • Greater weight loading capacity
  • Unique adjustable / removable handles and optional counterweight systems

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    1500 lb. model
    $ 388.00
    Handle mounted counterweights free for a limited time
    $ 40.00
    Bench press lock collar counterweight set with bar
    $ 72.00



Rackable Camber Bar

  • Don’t get buffaloed
  • This heavy duty bull will gently cradle into your J-hooks or pins
  • Start your routine from the top
  • Greater starting weight potential
  • Extended shafts add protection
  • Plenty of room for bands and chains
  • 14” offset and wide grip potential

    Please call for shipping rates

    1500 lb. model
    $ 375.00

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