Sumo Power Rack with

Full Beam Safety Power Hook Hydraulic Lift

  • Our most popular rack and hook combination.
  • Greatly enhance your solo training without spotters
  • Team training has never been easier
  • Full range of adjustments and stances
  • Micro level adjustments for perfect entry and partial training
  • No need to wrench your back under heavy loads
  • No fore and aft pull with bands or chains

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Sumo Rack & Full Beam Safety Power Hook Hydraulic Lift

.120 (11 gage) Rack Tubing
$ 2,065.00
.188 (7 gage) Rack tubing
$ 2,320.00


Lower price models are available. Many sizes and custom configurations are available. Please call for shipping rates.

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Sumo Power Rack (shown with Combo Bar not included)

  • Wide Sumo stance and band brace
  • Unique .50 incremental adjustment with 2 hole spacing
  • Exclusive wrap around brackets for greater torsional rigidity and stability
  • Quick solo assembly & disassembly
  • Fits almost anywhere, low basements and narrow doors etc.
  • Extra tough and upgradable safety bar
  • Bolt pin J-Hook adjusts every .50” Extra bolt pin adjusts every 2” and limited 1” on some racks
  • Bolt down base is very stable even freestanding
  • Fat chin up bar
Standard Dimensions:
7’-6” tall
48” outside width
38” inside fore and aft clearance
Toe and heel extends 10”
Front toe brace 60” wide for stability
2” x 2” tubing standard in 11 gage, 7 gage or 4 gage


Modify or design your own power rack with or without the full beam hook. Combine the Sumo Power Rack with our Safety Power Bars and accessories and you will have an intense force training center.

Please call for shipping rates

.120 (11 gage) tubing
$ 930.00
.188 (7 gage) tubing
$ 1,185.00

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